A Shift in the Heartland

Several people have asked me for the class notes from: The Shift in the Heartland workshop. I hope in this way, these notes will reach those who are interested. Stay warm out there!
Shift in the Heartland
February 9th-10th 2018
Diving Deep-Emerging Luminescent
Barbara Thompson-Glatter
Everything is Alive ~ Everything is always changing~ Everything is interconnected
“All matter is energy.”~~ Albert Einstein
“All living organisms emit an energy field.” ~~ Semyon D. Kirlian. U.S.S.R.
“The energy field starts it all.” ~~Professor Harold Burr, Ph.D., Yale University
“Body chemistry is governed by quantum cellular fields.” ~~ Prof. Murray Gell-Mann, Nobel Prize Laureate, USA
“Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body.” ~~ Prof. William Tiller, Nobel Prize Laureate, Stanford University
“Diseases are to be diagnosed and prevented via energy field assessment.” ~~ George Crile, Sr., M.D., Founder of the Cleveland Clinic.
We shared a muscle-testing exercise, and then moved into an experience of our energetic-self with the following meditation by Deepak Chopra found in Yoga Journal.
I then invited the group to journal for a few minutes about their experience and their heart’s message.
What is your heart’s message to you?
What pictures did you see?
Were there any sounds? Smells? Tastes?
How do you feel about this message.
Was this message something you’ve felt before? How old were you?
We then took the heart’s message into another exercise, the Healing Codes.
~The Healing Codes~
By Dr. Alexander Lloyd, N.D., M.S. and Dr. Ben Johnson, M.D., D.O., N.M.D.
Please recall your heart’s message to you. Was this the first time you felt this way? Is there an earlier time in your life when you’ve felt this same feeling? If there is, then use that memory, picture, or feeling with this next meditation.
Rate that feeling from 1-10, with 1: barely registering on a feeling level, and 10: being pretty painful to recall. Write that value here: ___________________.
http://www.baytalhaq.com/ebooks/The%20Healing%20Codes%20Manual%20-%20Dr%20Alexander%20Loyd.pdf (Pages 39-43)
What is your rate of discomfort now? _____________
Did the feeling change? How is it different?
How about your memory of the feeling, did this change? Anything else you’d like to note?
There was then discussion about what came up during the heart meditation and the work done with the healing codes.
I followed up with another meditation.
Then we closed after fifteen minutes of Q and A
Boy! Did I ever learn a lot! Thank you to all who were in attendance, and for assisting me on this journey!