A Shift in the Heartland

Thank you Kearney Nebraska! What a terrific conference last weekend at the third annual, A Shift in the Heartland, sponsored by Teresa Bushnell of Holistic Health and Healing. www.teresabushnell.com

I met some delightful, heart-centered people, listened to terrific presenters, and had the opportunity to learn something about myself, as a presenter. Pretty wonderful stuff.

And, I also unveiled a project I’d begun working with last autumn, after a nearly twenty-year hiatus. The U-doo Doll is now available for the first time! What is a U-doo Doll? Well, it was explained to me in the form of a question. “What is the opposite of a voodoo doll?” In that moment, the U-doo Doll was born.

The U-doo Doll is a doll where you, (U), pin on affirmations, goals, dreams, wishes, or hopes for your future. You write your affirmative goals, in the present tense, on little cards. (Pins and cards are included with your U-doo Doll kit,)  Goals, when written down and gratefully acknowledged for how their presence in your life has benefitted you, are ‘pinned’ on your U-doo Doll. Your U-doo Doll represents you, and you’ve just given the Universe, God, Nature, Spirt, or Source, very clear instructions about what you are wanting to experience in your life.  The when it will occur, or how it will occur is the province of Divine Source.

In the coming weeks I’ll share more about how the U-doo Doll works, the people who’ve synchronistically arrived to support this project, and some of the success stories that have been rolling in.

Thank you Teresa, thank you Kearney, and thank you Universal Love for supporting me in so many wondrous ways.