Angel Cards

I promised more background on the U-doo Doll history: when it was born, why the little instruction manual rested quietly in a folder for fifteen years, and what circumstances gave it life once more. And we’ll get to those stories.

Today I want to write about Angel Cards(R).  AngelCards are the creation of Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake who were members of the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community in Scotland. The Findhorn Community has an interesting horticultural history, growing amazingly lush gardens with poor soil conditions.

Angel Cards arrived in my life by way of a yard sale, some ten years ago, in a dusty, crinkled-up old sandwich baggie. I could feel the energy of those cards the moment I picked up the bag, and knew I wanted to do something special with them, but what? Well, the cards and the manual waited. And, even having moved my household numerous times, I still hung onto them.

This Autumn as I began to first design and then assemble the U-doo Doll, I knew I wanted to incorporate the Angel Cards in some way. Perhaps they could be inspirational support for the creative manifestation concepts outlined in my little book?

I closed my eyes, reached in the baggie, and picked one. Then I used a clothespin to hold it in place on the ribbon, while I selected a few colorful, fabric flowers I found in a craft store.

But, when I glued the Angel Card together with the flowers, a kind of synthesis happened. The U-doo Doll became something much more than the ribbons and beads, ideas and concepts I wanted to portray. It felt as though the U-doo Doll became activated with a magical field of energy, perhaps  similar to what was created in the gardens of Findhorn! It’s hard to explain, but the U-doo Doll, once adorned with the flowers and Angel Cards, together, became (or created for itself?), a definite personality. Maybe Nature Spirits are assisting the personal growth of whomever places their goals and dreams on the U-doo Doll’s ribbons.

Maybe you can feel it too? It seems that people feel a definite connection with one, and it, to them. May your U-doo Doll and Angel Card serve you well!