Explanation of the Inexplicable

Dwelling amid the Inexplicable, indeed being: That Which is Inexplicable, is a life task and current delight for me.

Growing up in a family of geniuses was tough for a right-brained kid who would rather day dream than remain grounded in her studies. However I do hold an appreciation for physics, and the other day I was wandering through old magazines searching for colors, shapes, and ideas for the U-doo Doll Journal cover. I got caught up in this blurb about the: Inexplicable Universe by Kyle Kramer.

“There a concept in physics called the fine-tuning problem. Imagine the universe has adjustable knobs. I, and we, can only exist if the knobs are adjusted perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that is seems improbable, uncanny, that we should exist-and yet we do.

To grapple with this paradox, physicists developed the Anthropic Principal, which says its not uncanny that we exist in this universe, because there are other universes out there too, some in which we could exist, and some in which we couldn’t.  In July, I was on a pop-culture and science podcast with 3D Rock’s Scott Adsit who summed up this idea beautifully: ‘In an infinite universe.’ he said, ‘there is no fiction.’

In other words, our theory of a finely tuned universe isn’t false or fictional, or even improbable, if only some of the universes out there support life-because of course we’d only find ourselves in one that does. After he said that I couldn’t speak. It was just so perfect.”  Kyle Kramer, PhD. part of the research team that discovered the Higgs-Boson Particle.