• How does a session begin?

We begin with a consultation of what is going on for you in this moment and what you’d like to experience differently in your life. We will then follow your Body’s Intelligence using kinesiology to guide and direct your healing session.


  • What happens next?

After the initial intake, I energetically “clear myself” before making a connection with you. Following this protocol allows me to present a clear mirror for your session.  We will explore the places that feel disharmonious, or express discord within the physical and/or subtle bodies.  I will then offer “remedies” to realign and support the best expression of your-self.


  • What kind of remedies do you use?

A session can take on a variety of healing patterns.  A physical “imbalance” might ask for Light Work to shift the energy of an area.  I may ask you to hum, clearing away emotional stickiness.  Or a Whole-Brain Posture might prove to be beneficial for a mental belief that’s been usurping your power.  Creative visualizations are often quite helpful too.

For you see, your body already knows what you need, and it knows the hierarchy in which to address each item on your healing agenda.  When we follow your body’s wisdom, many times you experience multiple healings with a single remedy.


  • When can I receive a session?

You can set up for an available session on the calendar.  When the appointment is made and pre-purchased, I will then send you a confirmation notice along with my telephone number to call at the appointed time.
While it’s certainly easier to work with someone in the room, I am still able to locate your energy system while on the phone with you.  Your energy is a unique vibration, like your own telephone number. I can locate you vibrationally, and facilitate your session from anywhere.


  • What happens if I need to cancel?

You have the option to reschedule your appointment, or to have the funds returned to you.


If you have a question about how a session works that’s not answered here, please use the contact form and I’ll do my best to answer any questions.
We all have a broad range of healing avenues available to us.  Through the use of practiced awareness, these paths become apparent and joyous!


Healing Happens!!