Flower Essence Therapy

I’m excited to now offer Flower Essence Therapy over the phone! Flower Essence Therapy

The Bach Flower Essences have been in use for over eighty years. They are gentle, safe, effective and complimentary with any other therapy you are currently using. There are literally no contraindications.

The Flower Essences can be applied topically on specific skin zones or acupuncture points, as well as taken internally.

The gift of the Flowers is that they saturate you with their positive attributes. And, when addressing pain in the body, multiple methods of application can have a tremendous healing effect!

With a thirty minute consultation we’ll be able to identify ‘trouble zones’ for you: physically, emotionally and mentally. I’ll mail you the remedy(s) carefully blended just for you.

Take a look at the list below and see if any of these flowers resonate for you. We’ll be able to take those Aha’s and transform them in Ahhhhhh’s.

I’m currently running a Summer Special through the end of August. Half-price sessions, (reg. $30.00). Your postage-paid remedies are regularly priced at $15.00 for each category: skin zone(s), or acupuncture point(s), or internal remedy bottle.


The Bach Center-Guide to the remedies

Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr. Bach is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state.  To select a remedy you need, think about the sort of person you are and the way you are feel. You can click on the link for a more in-depth description.

                Negative State       /    Positive State

Agrimony– Mental torture behind a cheerful face / Emotional Honesty and inner peace

Aspen– Fear of unknown things/ Trusting and Confident in meeting the unknown

Beech– Intolerance / Tolerant and accepting of others’ differences

Centaury– The inability to say ‘no’ / Serving others while nourishing one’s self

Cerato– Lack of trust in one’s own decisions / Trusting one’s inner knowing

Cherry Plum– Fear of the mind giving way / Feeling guided by a Higher Power

Chestnut Bud– Failure to learn from mistakes / Wisdom from life’s experience

Chicory– Selfish, possessive love / Selfless love, respects individuality of others

Clematis– Dreaming of the future, not working in the present / Awake & aware

Crab Apple– The cleansing remedy, also for self-hatred / A sense of inner purity

Elm– Overwhelmed by responsibility / Joyous service, able to meet obligations

Gentian– Discouragement after a setback / Faith to continue, perseverance

Gorse Hopelessness and despair / Equanimity, Light-filled optimism

Heather– Self-centeredness and self-concern / Inner tranquility

Holly– Hatred, envy and jealousy / Heart felt compassion, gratitude

Honeysuckle– Living in the past / Present, accepting current life conditions

Hornbeam– Tiredness at the thought of doing something / Dynamic involvement

Impatiens– impatience / Harmonious flowing with time and daily rhythms

Larch– Lack of confidence / Self confident, and spontaneous

Mimulus– Fear of known things / Courage toward life’s challenges, radiant

Mustard– Deep gloom for no reason / Emotional equilibrium, integrating life.

Oak– One who keeps going past the point of exhaustion / Balanced strength

Olive– Exhaustion following mental or physical effort / Sense of well being

Pine– Guilt / Self forgiveness, able to move forward despite past mistakes

Red Chestnut– Over-concern for the welfare of others / Compassionate and trusting

Rock Rose– Terror and fright / Transcendent courage, able to stay grounded

Rock Water– Self-denial, rigidity and self-repression / Flowing receptivity

Scleranthus– Inability to choose between alternatives / Decisiveness, inner resolve

Star of Bethlehem– Shock / Unity with deepest aspect of self, inner wholeness

Sweet Chestnut– Extreme mental anguish / Spiritual depth, rooted in spiritual communion

Vervain Over-enthusiasm / Ability to practice moderation, The Middle Way

Vine– Dominance and inflexibility / Selfless service, having an inner spiritual authority 

Walnut– Protection from unwanted influences / Inner strength, follow one’s path

Water Violet– Quiet self-reliance leading to isolation / Ability to share one’s gifts

White Chestnut Unwanted thoughts and mental arguments / Tranquil disposition

Wild Oat– Uncertainty over one’s direction in life / Work as an expression of inner calling

Wild Rose– Drifting, resignation, apathy / The will to live despite trials or pain.

Willow– Self-pity and resentment / Accepting responsibility for one’s life choices.