Make and Take Class for the U-Doo Doll

This coming Saturday, September 29th, I’ll teach a Make and Take Class on the U-Doo Doll®.  It’s a new phase that came into being after having multiple requests to teach a class.  Actually, the U-D00 Doll been through a couple of incarnations since its introduction this past February.  It has gone from a twenty-four inch sparkly, beaded wonder, to just over twelve inches long, and cute as a bug!

We’ll be making these together while I share Creative Manifestation principals and success stories. You’ll get to choose your own Angel Card, and decorate with the ribbons, beads, buttons, doodads, and glittery-things that I’ve supplied.

The premise is still the same: Create your own U-Doo Doll, and adorn it with pictures and affirmations for your future, the next incarnation of your choice.  Because when you choose, you are no longer a victim.  You go from a world of voodoo, or victimhood, to a world where ‘U-Doo’.  Wayne Dyer said, “When you abandon making choices, you enter the world of excuses.”

Many people have trouble with the concept of written affirmations. And I admit that I had a bit a trouble at first.  Even after years of reading about affirmations, and trying my hand at putting pen to paper, I still struggled.  Was it a feeling of unworthiness?  Was I afraid of playing God?  I understood the formula, but it really came together for me when I realized that an affirmation is really just a Thank You Note.  A Thank You Note, to The Divine, in advance of receiving!  When I thank The Creator for His generosity, I am placing my desired good into the Universal Sea of Potentiality.  It’s up to the Creator to decide where and when this good unfolds in my life.

See your pictured good. Visualize it in your imagination.  Say thank you, and celebrate the gift with affirmations worded in the Here and Now!

See you Saturday!