I’m excited to announce that through the enthusiasm, advice and support of many wonderful friends, I’m able to present sixteen new versions of the U-Doo Doll®!  There are sixteen new U-Doo Doll versions based on the chakra system. Two versions, (one kit, one pre-assembled), for each of the eight chakras. 

Eight you say? Aren’t there only seven major chakras?  Well, yes. But one of the chakras that gets overlooked is the Second Heart chakra, located between your Heart chakra and your Throat chakra. The Second Heart, or Higher Heart chakra combines the colors of blue and green.  This chakra generally becomes activated when a person is following a spiritual path, and I suspect our collective consciousness is ready. 

I’ve created these new U-Doo Dolls, with the chakras in mind, using the healing vibrations of: color, Angel(c) Cards, 3rd-eye imagery, and gemstones to jump-start your goals and resolutions! 

For the 1st chakra I’ve chosen Agate. 

For the 2nd chakra, Carnelian. 

For the 3rd chakra, Citrine

For the 4th chakra, Jasper

For the 2nd heart chakra, Apatite

For the 5th chakra, Aquamarine 

For the 6th chakra, Amethyst (featured photo)

For the 7th chakra, Quartz Crystal 

(Note, if you open the Services Tab, all sixteen variations pop up.)


And newly online, The Kindle version of, The U-Doo Doll-The Doll of Creative Manifestation®. And it has new information! It’s especially neat too, because I can easily add your success stories to the Testimonials Chapter! 

I make each U-Doo Doll by hand, so I’ll need about a week (assembly and shipping) to get them into your hands.  

Thanks to Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake for permission to use their Angel(c) Card designs. 

Thanks to Wendy Satsky for permission to use her Yoga Chakra design. 

Thanks to the Terah Katherine Collins for permission to use the Bagua Map image from the Western School of Feng Shui. 

And, thank you to all my amazing friends and family for your enthusiasm and unfailing support! 

Oh, and if you signed up for announcements to my website, I apologize for the sixteen separate announcements on each version of the U-Doo Doll!  Apparently I haven’t figured out how to turn this off and on yet:)