Special Flower Treatments at the Lavender Festival

There are so many exciting ways in which to apply the gifts from Flower Essences!

When taken internally they address long-standing issues. Topical applications are varied, generally used for short-term or acute pain in the body. When placed on a specific acupuncture point, the Flowers clear out that meridian.

Flower Remedies are known as a Vibrational Remedy. The Flowers ‘vibrationally’ remind us of the truth of who we really are. Each Flower has a specific lesson, or truth, to teach us. Once we’re reminded of that truth, pain dissolves, heaviness lightens, and clarity returns.

Next week I’ll be demonstrating at the Peace, Love and Lavender Festival with of some the amazing application methods directly on your skin! After the presentation I’ll be offering 20 minute, mini-flower sessions for $20.00.

You’ll choose from one of the following categories. I’ll apply the Flower Essence(s) while you rest on your back. During your rest period we’ll have a few minutes to discuss your particular challenges. I’ll prepare for you an internal treatment bottle. You’ll take that treatment bottle with you, and it will last 2-3 weeks!

Flower Coronation-Heart opening and good for exhaustion.

Fire and Water-Unites your passion with your destiny.

Micro-Cosmic Orbit-22 point application for circulating Chi.

Aura Infusion-Floods your aura with the flower’s positive gifts.

Rescue-Connects head and heart, anchors your spirit in the body.

I look forward to seeing you there! If you can’t make it, I’ll be happy to work with you over the phone. You can schedule a session with me here: Flower Essence Therapy.