Sync Yourself – Part One

Do you ever feel out-of-step with yourself? Is your mind moving faster than those around you? Do you try to get the rest of world to speed up?  Impatiens, as the name suggests, helps people who feel an overwhelming sense urgency, or impatience.  But, it’s interesting to note, that the feeling of urgency stems from being out of sync with yourself.  It’s as if your internal timing belt were off. It never is the employee who seems to work too slow, or the friend who is frequently late for your coffee date.  

Timing is everything, right? The Impatiens flower pulls our energy back inside of ourselves. Impatiens soothes jangled nerves. We begin to flow harmoniously within ourselves first, and then with others.  Here is an account of a beginning Flower Essence journey with Impatiens.   My own personal journey with Impatience has unfolded delightfully.