Sync Yourself – Part Two

Sync Yourself – Part Two

The work of Dietmar Krämer is an interesting way to help select flower essences.  In his first book, The New Bach Flower Therapies, Healing the Emotional and Spiritual Causes of Illness, Dietmar describes the flower essences as falling into twelve categories, or tracks. Each track contains three flower essences.  

The first flower essence in each track is the Communication Flower, the flower that’s trying to communicate a message to us.  When we fail to ‘get the memo’, we then move into what he calls the Compensation Flower state.  Generally, this flower helps you clear the energy of the opposite behavior.  And finally, if we miss this message too, then we move into the Decompensation Flower state. This is where we begin to really have trouble coping with the circumstances of our life. 

Continuing with our example from, Sync Yourself – Part One, Impatience is a Communication Flower. When we’re unable to curtail those feelings of impatience, we end up over-doing it. A Lot! We’ll pick up our teenager’s clothes, take work home from the office, sign up for the PTA, and chaperone a church group trip to an amusement park. It just seems easier to take on too much. That somehow, instead of putting our foot down with our kids or delegating the work-load, we feel we’re better equipped to handle most tasks.  

Taking on too much leads us to the Compensation State where the flower essence Olive is helpful. Olive Essence is one of the Bach Flower Remedies for exhaustion. While we may be able to restore ourselves temporarily with a nap or a long hot shower, Olive Essence helps restore us on a higher octave, deepening the connection we have to our Higher Self. 

Finally, if we continue to over-work and ignore the signs trying to lead to us deeper restoration, we enter in the Decompensation State of Oak.  Oak is for those of us who are plodders.  I know I’ve been there! We just go through the motions, like on autopilot, just to get the job done.  Gone is the enthusiasm of the Impatiens state where we jumped in with both feet.  And we’ve even lost our ability to feel tired as with the Olive State.  Taking the Oak essence enables you to let go and surrender, rather than using your will to push your body beyond its limits. 

This is a brief description of one of the twelve Mental/Emotional Tracks outlined in Deitmar Krämer’s book. In my experience, it’s often helpful to work backwards with the essences. When someone is displaying an Oak state, this is where we begin, following up with the Olive essence, and finally the Impatiens essence.  

Everyone is different, and a brief consultation is really helpful in pinpointing which essences, or tracks, point to imbalances in our mental and emotional outlook.  Let me know if you’d like to explore these marvelous gifts from nature!