The Garden

This photo reminds me of a time when I was working with my guide, Gary, some years ago at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We’d been working on one of my least favorite, but often revisited topics: Self Worth. (Click on photo to view more)

We used guided-imagery that morning, imagery meant to guide the listener, me, to a sacred place. It’s sort-of like a light hypnotic state, where the listener is prompted, in their imagination, to maybe: walk to the top of a mountain or, to see a body of water, or any number of prompts meant to help guide the listener to some aspect of truth in their subconscious

The Cube is one such test using guided imagery:



As the listener, you are asked to imagine yourself walking in a vast desert. You come upon a cube. What’s is the cube made out of? How large is the cube? And so on.

The Cube mediation then prompts you to see other items in your imaginary desert. When the meditation is over, you are then told what the various images represent, and you get to determine what your choices mean in your life.

The process can be quite revealing, and kind of fun too. (Let me know what you uncover about yourself. I had an interesting experience recently The Cube test too!)

So that morning, sitting on a lumpy couch in his sparse living room, Gary guided me through a series of steps designed to take me into higher realms of consciousness.

“You will see a door, or a doorway.” He instructed me. And I saw a large archway of sorts. An arched doorway that had water cascading down, preventing me from seeing what was on the other side. It looked rather dark over there, but with all that water rushing past, I was unable to discern what was beyond the threshold.

I asked for and received permission to walk through the waterfall. And strangely, I didn’t get wet from the action and entered a gorgeous, lush, garden in full bloom!

Warm and delightful, I was dazzled by butterflies flitted about in the bright, diffused light; light that seemed to be everywhere at once without any discernable source. A gentle breeze. caressed flowers as big a dinner plates, brimming with color. And underneath all of these sense-saturating experiences, was the gentle hum of honeybees, happy in their industriousness.

I continued to follow the path and walked to the far end of the garden. It emptied into a lush golden meadow with a huge, wise-old oak in the very middle of the meadow.

Not knowing what else to do, I sat at the base of the tree and delighted in the feeling of Being-ness. Being at one with all these glorious sights and smells was rather like stepping into Hieronymus Bosch’s painting: The Garden of Earthly Delights.

When prompted, I reluctantly left that glorious state and returned back along the garden path, through the waterfall and returned in awareness to Gary’s living room.

The couch was still lumpy, but I brought back with me the memory of having experienced a delicious state of awareness. And I marveled at being worthy to receive this gift.

Some years later I realized that, as The Course in Miracles states: “We never left the garden.”


Barbara Thompson-Glatter

July, 2017

Photo: courtesy of Face Book