There’s an Energy App for That!

Utilizing Energy Tools with clients for the past twenty-five years, several issues were presented many times over. Issues such as, feelings of confusion about what direction to take in life.  There were fears about the future or grief over their past.  And even when they had clarity about their future, there were sometimes feelings of powerless-ness that stopped them from moving forward.

Many of these thoughts and emotions stem from energy blockages.  Much like the congestion in your sinuses when you had a cold, or perhaps your colon was sluggish after having over-indulged.  Energy blockages, when released, help you naturally regain clarity, confidence and renewed hope in your life.

Using Creative Visualizations, in a specific way, are the methods I’ll be teaching for these Energy Tools Classes.  They are easy to learn.  Your vitality will increase and relationships will improve.  Because, when you take care of yourself energetically, you feel able to address the environment ‘in this moment’.

None of these Energy Tools are complicated.  You are in fact already wired to use these Energy Tools, you just haven’t been introduced to them!  My own teachers and guides have been very loving and respectful.  And they’ve proven to me over and over again that: They can’t give me anything that isn’t already mine.

So, I invite you to learn what is already yours: Energy Tools.  Energy Tools for clearing blockages in your aura and chakras, dismantling energy cords, how to set up boundary protection, keeping yourself grounded, centered and clear, and calling back your energy from past traumatic events.

All of these are meant for you to use on your personal journey.  You can share these tools, teach them to another person, but by their very nature, they are imbued to address healing in one’s personal self.

You already have everything you need.

Cropped Image: ‘Deep Breath’ by, Melanie Weidner 2005

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