U-doo Doll-Face Value

At this year’s, A Shift in the Heartland Conference in February, one of the participants surprised me. He told me that the U-doo Dolls were his favorite thing at the conference. I was stunned! There were so many venders with unique items for sale. Only a few people seemed to show interest in the U-doo Dolls, and honestly, I was feeling a bit nervous at their first venue, their Debut! I was afraid people wouldn’t get it.

He surprised me again saying that  he understood the mirrored face was so that the user would feel compelled to view their U-doo Doll as themselves. “Bingo!” I said. “I’m so happy you picked up on that, because I didn’t really outline it in the instruction booklet.”

I also didn’t say in the booklet, that the crystal bead knotted at the top of the U-doo Doll’s hanging ribbon, represents your Crown Chakra. I wanted to give U-doo Doll’s the capacity to support the opening of your Crown Chakra, or the Thousand Petaled Lotus. http://balance.chakrahealingsounds.com/7th-chakra-infinite-petals-lotus-halo/

On the back of the mirror is an emblem from one of Wendy Satsky’s Yoga Chakra Cards.  I am blessed to also include Wendy’s Third-Eye design to support the opening of your Pineal Gland.  http://www.wendysatsky.com/gallery.html

So many loving, generous people have come into my life in support of the U-doo Doll. I gratefully share these delightful people with you.