The U-doo Doll Opens New Doors

It was mid-October, 2017. Our house finish-out work was finally complete, mostly. The Massage Therapy Board Certification Test had been studied for, taken, and passed. House guests of many weeks during the hospice period for my father-in-law had departed, and I finished writing my first book:

Traveling, editing and futzing-about with the Kindle program, while taking a five-week course at Mile Hi Church in Denver, was inspiring and now, now, I could begin to legally present myself to Kearney, Nebraska as an Energy Practitioner.

Many of you now know my brother-in-law was in a disastrous accident last summer, and after six weeks in the hospital, he came home to live with us while he continued to convalesce. And it was here I learned what it felt like being a care-giver. His condition improved daily, and I knew this living situation would be short-lived, but it meant putting work-plans and workshops on hold while engaged in daily care activities that were more than I’d anticipated.

I suspect a bit of depression silted in. I felt constrained, and creatively stifled within a few weeks and didn’t know what to do. I wanted to, needed to, honor my commitments to his healing process, and yet, I felt as though something within me was sinking in a Mississippi delta.

Cleaning helps. Sometimes, when I feel so stuck I don’t know what to do, I clean. Clean anything. The more overwhelmed I feel, the more mundane the task is required to unstick myself; like cleaning the dust off of the rubber plant leaves, or detailing the crumb tray on my toaster. I was feeling emotionally drained and needed to engage my creativity, but in a very specific way. I knew I wanted to contribute the the well-being of clients, but how to do that, creatively, with just the few free hours I had away from the kitchen and laundry room?

I cleaned. And while cleaning my desk I arrived at a stack of folders stuffed with the book chapters I’d just finished publishing. “How many of these drafts do I need to keep,” I wondered? As I riffled through them, out popped a draft for another book: The U-doo Doll written some ten years earlier. “Well, I wonder….”

And that’s all it took. I was in the Flow!

Editing was breeze, and supplies arrived, unannounced, in the mail. Instructors landed in my lap, and ideas popped into my head such as: “You can print on tissue paper in your copier.”  Oh, that can’t possibly be true, I scoffed, but the idea nudged again. I looked it up in a search window and discovered a viable method that worked perfectly.

So many wondrous people, acts of kindness, and unseen instructions arrived; I knew this was no fluke. It was, and continues to be, a wonderful way in which to contribute to the spiritual growth and awareness of others, while still contributing to the immediate physical needs of my brother-in-law.

When one door closes, another opens. I feel creatively nourished once again!

Thank you!