Udoo-Doll – Book Cover Woes

Another minor miracle in the U-doo Doll’s creation saga was meeting a new friend at a local library gathering.  A bi-monthly gathering I attended rather infrequently.

Last summer though, this group was instrumental for me with its discussion of the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Julia Cameron   We studied The Artist’s Way during the summer and, as best I could, I followed the daily writing practices with unblocking exercises outlined in each chapter.  I began to open up again, and remembering that I just might have something useful to offer this world. That something, I hope, is the U-doo Doll!

After editing and re-edting the U-Doo Doll instruction book, I entered a period of struggle.  I’d been experimenting with all types of book covers and surface coverings. I’d begun wondering and worrying over just how much time to spend on a hand-made, acrylic-painted, collaged and otherwise adorned cover for the U-doo Doll book. I wanted it to be as lovely as the U-doo Doll. But even factoring in a huge learning curve, I spent way too much time on making each cover with with Mat Board material, then covering it with painted tissue paper, and decoupaging cutouts on the surface. I knew I had tunnel-vision and needed a way out. So I prayed about it. I asked for help in designing a book cover for the U-doo Doll. Enter Karen.

Karen, (not her real name), showed up at our local library meeting three days later with an assortment of hand-made books, and book covers that she’d designed. She’d gotten permission for a sort of Show and Tell at the end of our regular meeting and brought exactly what I needed to see. I was completely dumbfounded! I took pictures, asked for permission to contact her about personal tutorials, and was part of a very insistent group of women who asked Karen to teach us how to make one of these hand-made books.

Karen was very generous as well as patient. With twinkling eyes she suggested during one of our private meetings, that the initial U-doo Doll book cover should be very simple; to keep my expenses small on this part. She went on to say, that when I am ready, a hand-made U-doo Doll – Companion Journal would be a good place to implement all those creative juices I’ve been noodling over in my work room.

I’ve already begun taking steps in that direction. On my birthday, I attended a five hour class on book-binding from a real Book-Binder, who’d apprenticed in England. My cover corners are now flawless, and I’m well on my way to becoming a paper-snob.

What a gift Karen was to me in those moments. I owe her a debt of gratitude! Thank you for your artistic encouragement and those amazingly gorgeous twinkling eyes!